Go Global this Scottish International Week #SIW18

Scottish International Week 2018 (SIW18) kicked off yesterday with events both around Scotland and at strategic cities overseas (Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Manila, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Singapore). One of the key points of each of the events is to get across the message that being "Scottish" is a competitive advantage when working internationally. This is a message that we at Calico have been telling our customers for some years now, and is one of the reasons why we believe they should be registering a .scot domain name.

.scot domains, such as our own, announce to the world that your and/or your product is Scottish. It's not difficult to understand how powerful this could be. In the USA alone there are St. Andrews societies and Caledonian clubs all over the country, and New York has a national Tartan day and week. Not to mention the marketing opportunities associated with other Scottish products such as tourism, crafts, golf, etc. 

Being a relatively new domain ending, and because some of the reserved domain names have only recently been released to the general public, there are still great opportunities to secure interesting and worthwhile .scot domain names, such as, and to name just a few.

For more details of .scot domains including a search facility to let you know what is or isn't available, please visit our dedicate website at

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