DotScot Frenzy!

On Wednesday 3rd May the DotScot Registry (which controls the .scot domain names) reduced their prices for the registration of new 'general availability' domains, and also lifted registration restrictions on locality domains (based on towns, etc) and other premium names. The registration phase for reserved names opens at 2pm.

Background: When .scot domain names were launched in 2014 some of the potential domain names, including two-letter names, were held back or had restrictions placed upon them. For example, a locality domain names could only be registered by the community council for that town. Similarly some premium domain names were held back. All these restrictions have now been removed making names such as or available on a first come first served basis. All two-letter names (apart from,, and have been made available too. You can download a list of the reserved names here.

The new pricing for first-time registration will be as follows -

General availability £15
Locality £199
Premium £299
Super-Premium £599

Prices exclude VAT. We will provide basic mail and web hosting for the first year. Subsequent annual renewals will be at the standard price, currently £40 + VAT.

You can check for availability and prices at our .scot website.

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