#ScotlandIsNow with Calico and DotScot

This is an opportune time to emphasise your Scottishness to the world, with the big push behind the Scotland Is Now (*) campaign and other pro-Scotland initiatives such as Keep Scotland The Brand.

The "Scotland Is Now" campaign was launched earlier this month with a view to repositioning Scotland on the world stage and championing its openness to students, investors, migrants and visitors. Events around the world have showcased modern ventures including the new Queensferry Crossing, the V&A design Museum in Dundee and the Kelpies sculpture in Falkirk, as well as the endeavours of some of Scotlands entrepreneurs.


One way of letting everyone know about your Scottish business or organisation is to promote it using a .scot (dotScot) domain name ending. A .scot domain name can be used to boost your authenticity and attract new customers. It also highlights your Scottish roots and allows you to be creative and stand out online. With a .scot domain, you can show your Scottish connection to the rest of the world.

At time of going to press, there were still lots of key .scot domain names available, including three-letter .scot names. Visit to try our .scot domain checker. Why not check if your business name is still available in .scot form, and snap it up before someone else does!

Calico UK was a .scot pioneer when the domain ending was launched in 2014, and indeed, our website was the first .scot website to go live. We also highlight our customers who use .scot domains through our "Spotlight on DotScot" regular postings on social media.

(*) "Scotland Is Now" is a world-wide marketing campaign by partners Scottish Development International, Talent Scotland, Study In Scotland, Visit Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Register your DotScot domain today! Call Calico's friendly helpdesk on 01381 600580 with any questions.

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