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How much does a .scot domain name cost? And to renew?
A standard or general availability .scot domain is charged at £40 + VAT per annum (£48 inc VAT). Annual renewal charges are currently at the same rate.
When do I pay for my domain?
You pay for your domain when you apply to have the domain registered. In the event that an application is unsuccessful, a full refund will be given. If you're unable to pay using a credit card, please contact us (email link to
Who is allowed to register a .scot domain?
There are no set restrictions on registration, so long as there's a link to Scotland or being Scottish. They can be registered by individuals or business for personal use, to promote a business or service, or something that's just Scottish or Scotland themed.
Can I change my or .com domain into a .scot domain?
No - they are totally separate and you can have a or .com in addition to a .scot, or take out a .scot domain and allow your other domain to lapse.
Can I register a village/town/placename?
Although the civic registration phase has closed, we are still able to manually request civic phase domains. Those are charged at £239 + VAT (£286.80 inc VAT) for the first year, with renewals at the standard renewal rate. To request a civic name please contact us with your contact details and how you represent a specific community - eg a community council.
What is going to happen to the reserved domains if they are not taken up? Will they become available to the general public? Will they still have a premium price tag?
At this time we're not sure what will happen to the remaining civic domains. Once we know, we will update the website.
How much will a premium .scot domain cost?
At this time we don't know the pricing structure, although we believe that's likely to be on a teired basis. Once we know more we'll update our website. If you'd like to register your interest in a premium name, click here.
I already have a website. Can I register a .scot domain and point it to my existing website?
Yes, we can register a .scot and supply web and email forwarding/redirection services.
Can I have a .scot email address?
Yes, if you register a .scot domain name your service will include an email account of your choosing. You can use an email account without needing to have a website.
If I let my .scot domain lapse, how long will it be before it becomes available to someone else?
Approximately 60 days after expiry, although in some cases this may vary.
What can I do if someone else has already registered the .scot domain name I want?
If you believe they are acting improperly, you can go to the DotScot registry regarding their dispute resolution processes.
Alternatively you may want to choose a different name that represents you or what you do.
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